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Are you ready for another “doomsday fail”? According to Planet X believers, Nibiru will hit Earth tomorrow – Sunday, November 19 – and will cause apocalyptic earthquakes across the globe. The effects are already being felt, according to conspiracy theorists, and say this is evident in a spate of earthquake lights. Earthquake lights are caused by electrical properties in certain types of rocks which are released when they grind against each other during earthquakes.

And earthquake lights were spotted in the aftermath of Mexico’s 7.1 tremor in September. Conspiracy website Planet X News said: “Planet X does seem to be stressing fault lines and, certainly, volcanoes, earthquakes and intense storms are up. “Earthquakes around Indonesia, Gibraltar and Naples, Italy all have occurred recently. “Planet X is definitely perturbing the sun and is also affecting Earth’s oceans, tectonics, and overall electromagnetic field.” FULL REPORT