Some sources in the international media recently claimed the cataclysmic arrival of Nibiru will take place next week but Yuval Ovadia, an expert on the subject, uses Jewish esoteric sources to reject these claims. While Ovadia insisted the arrival of the end-of-days star is indeed imminent, he believes its appearance may not be disastrous as secular sources fear. Ovadia is an Israeli director/actor known for his documentaries about Nibiru, also referred to as Planet X. As such, he has been quoted by media

outlets around the world, one of which claimed on Tuesday that Ovadia set the date for Nibiru’s arrival on Monday, November 20.   “I never announced a date for the arrival of Nibiru, and there are many reasons why I never will,” Ovadia told Breaking Israel News. “Citing a precise arrival is not part of the process and is used as disinformation by critics as a method for discrediting the entire theory. Every few months, a date is announced in the media for Nibiru, and then when Nibiru does not arrive, the cynics can claim it is proof that Nibiru doesn’t exist.”  READ MORE