The Muslim population in the UK could triple in 20 years, according to projections from the Pew Research Centre. That means the number of Muslims in Britain would rise from 4.1 million in 2016 to 13 million in 2050. In its report ‘Europe’s Growing Muslim Population,’ the US-based research center says the UK has been the major destination for economic migrants coming to Europe, while Germany has been the top destination for refugees. The number of Muslim migrants arriving in Europe surged after

2014 to almost half a million annually, largely due to people fleeing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, it said. The proportion of Muslims among the total population of Britain could rise from 9.7 to 17.2 percent, it said. It attributed the rise to the levels of migration, as well as the fact that Muslims statistically tend to have a higher birth rate and lower average age compared to other Europeans. READ MORE