A witness has reported the bizarre activity taking place in Springfield, Missouri, USA, on Saturday. In a report to the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the unnamed witness described what happened. They said: “I heard what sounded like low very, very low flying helicopters. “I looked out my window to my apartment and I then could see one of the helicopters was so low, I could see inside the cockpit. “There were three helicopters, and the object was to the left side as if the helicopters were guiding or trying to ground this object.

“They were black military helicopters.” The UFO was described as “a dark triangle craft with one orange light in the center”. The witness added: “I ran outside to see what they were doing. “I noticed that they were flying with something and screamed to my nephew and he saw it too. “I wish I had my phone on me at the time I would have captured video, but it was in my Oculus goggles.”  READ MORE