There’s been both praise and criticism for the new Museum of the Bible in Washington, a 430,000-square-foot facility that features some of the world’s top artifacts linked to the book Christians consider holy and Jews revere as containing their Scriptures. For example, one prominent pastor says the $500 million project is a little too “politically correct.” Marshall Foster told WND that “everything that is good in the world has come because people of turned to God and the Bible.”

Meanwhile, another Christian at the museum’s opening events said: “If you know the Scripture, you will find Jesus in this museum. I am very satisfied and inspired with this museum so far. It’s beautiful – I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.” However, writer Nick Kangadis at the Media Research Center TV site said Yale University Hebrew Bible professor Joel S. Baden took the museum “to task for not having representations from faiths other than Christianity and Judaism.”  READ MORE