The Balfour Declaration, a document that led to the establishment of the state of Israel, was the result of Biblically-based miracles, said a political expert on Thursday at a conference focused on continuing the path of Christian-Jewish cooperation begun by Balfour. Speaking at a panel named for the conference, “From Balfour to Nikki Haley: 100 Years of Christian Zionist Diplomacy”, Barry Shaw, Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, noted that the Balfour Declaration was

not simply a political move. “The declaration was part of a series of modern miracles leading up to Messiah,” Shaw said. “A miracle is not a magic trick. It is something we can’t comprehend. When Allenby marched into Jerusalem one hundred years ago, he walked in on foot because, as a devout Christian, he believed that only the Messiah rides into Jerusalem on horseback. The motivations and energy behind the creation of Israel was a Biblically-based miracle.” READ MORE