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swarm of 134 tremors in California and a recent geological study that confirmed a year of increased seismic activity have led to speculations that the earthquakes are a portal for a God-sent destructive force to come into the world before the Messiah, striking out indiscriminately at both good and evil. Last Monday, a 3.4 magnitude earthquake rocked central California. Though considered a minor event, the

shaking still has not stopped and instability in that three-mile section of the volatile San Andreas Fault generated an additional 133 tremors in the last seven days. All but 17 of these tremors went undetected by the general public, registering at less than 2.5 on the Richter scale. This swarm of quakes raised fears of ‘the big one’, the long-anticipated devastating West Coast earthquake. Such  calamitous earthquakes and volcanoes raise religious awareness as they are explicitly mentioned in prophecy as part of the end-of-days. FULL STORY