Eight hundred school websites across the U.S. were hacked by ISIS on Monday, November 7. The hack lasted close to two hours, during which time visitors to the sites were redirected to a YouTube video with Arabic audio and pictures of Saddam Hussein. Text also appeared which read, “I love Islamic State (ISIS).” The websites are all hosted by a company called School Desk (schooldesk.net) and are all

connected to a server in Georgia. School Desk has given a copy of the server to the FBI. Some schools have also hired outside security firms to help track down the hackers. All the affected websites have been shut down to aid the FBI in its investigation. “You always think it happens somewhere else, and now it’s hitting home,” said Nicole Tierney, who is connected to a school in New Jersey whose site was hacked. “It’s upsetting to us,” said Rob Frierson, the owner of School Desk, speaking to CBS New York. MORE