(Reported By Duchsinse) The area just East of Yellowstone supervolcano has been struck by a rare, and rather noteworthy M4.5 (M4.2) earthquake near a location which was in the news a few years ago. Before we go any further, keep in mind this earthquake in Wyoming was forecast to occur and was warned for the day before in this video. The earthquake measured in at a midrange M4.0, meaning this earthquake is noteworthy enough to cause damage,

and directly follows the rare (and rather large) M4.9 which struck in Canada one day prior. Wyoming was warned for new M4.0 range activity due to a Magnitude 4.9 (M5.0) earthquake which struck to the North a day prior. The M4.9 Canada earthquake was censored (omitted) from the USGS earthquake feeds for some reason.  A possible reason for the deliberate omission of this earthquake could be due to the fact the town nearby is called URANIUM CITY,  Canada.  READ MORE