The Tinakula volcano in Solomon Islands continues erupting for the fifth day in a row after it burst into life October 20, 2017. Heavy ashfall has already contaminated water supplies on nearby islands, but since the area is a no-fly-zone, residents will need to wait a while before fresh water reaches all of them. While Tinakula is uninhabited and there are no fears lava flows will directly affect the population, heavy ashfall produced by Tinakula has already contaminated wells and water tanks on some nearby islands

and residents say they are living off coconuts. On October 25, Radio New Zealand said that there are reports that people only have a few days worth of fresh water and coconuts to survive on as heavy rain over the past few days has washed toxic ash into waterways and storage tanks. The director of the National Disaster Management Office Loti Yates said fresh water is on its way but it would be a little while coming as the area was still a no-fly-zone. READ MORE