The Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest school district in America, is co-sponsoring a “professional development” workshop for K-12 teachers to “Learn about Islam and the Arab World” – and the district has apparently partnered with an anti-Israel group for lessons on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “Learning about Islam and the Arab World” is the topic of a two-part course that began Oct. 14 and will continue Oct. 21. It is being led by LAUSD teachers Richard Jessel and Rosa Melendez,

according to a posting on the website of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, or FORUSA. One person, who is Christian, attended the Oct. 14 class and told The Israel Group: “The workshop was nothing more than lectures proclaiming the virtues of Islam, while following the same party lines: All negative information about Islam was labeled as lies, mistranslations, ignorance, prejudice and hoaxes; speakers stated that violent jihad is non-doctrinal, bulls–t; Christians and Jews were always better off living under Muslim rule and anyone who says otherwise is lying.” READ MORE