Thousands of Russians have flocked to southern Siberia to follow a man who claims to be Jesus Christ reincarnated. Sergey Anatolyevitch Toro, 56, was once a traffic policeman and a Red Army soldier before the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is not that man anymore. Now, the man formally known as Sergey calls himself “Vissarion,” and says he’s the founder of the Church of the Last Testament, The Guardian reported. Vissarion, who normally dons a long white cloak and sports long hair and a beard, lives with

his followers in Petropavlovka, or what he calls his “Siberian utopia,” The Guardian reported. Since the early 1990’s, Vissarion has been able to attract some 5,000 followers who live by strict rules. They are not allowed to drink, smoke or possess money. The leader teaches his followers about the apocalypse, reincarnation and vegetarianism, the Mirror reported. Vissarion says his goal is to join every religion on the globe together. READ MORE