After standing with a coalition of prominent evangelicals last month to urge President Donald Trump to condemn the alt-right movement as racist and evil, popular televangelist Bishop T.D. Jakes is now defending the right of NFL players to protest against police brutality and social injustice. In a recent appearance on CNN with host Don Lemon to promote his new book, Soar! which focuses on entrepreneurship, Jakes reminded Americans opposed to the controversial take a knee protests that the players are guaranteed freedom of expression by the United States Constitution.

“One of the things that makes America great, makes the flag have meaning is that we have the freedom of speech and the right to protest. History has proven to us that those people who have protested historically were very controversial at the time that they did,” The Potter’s House pastor told Lemon. “I remember when Mohammed Ali took a very strong stance against the Vietnam War. He ended up a hero but in real time he was quite controversial and incarcerated as a result of it. We have to have the patience to let time have its perfect work. Sometimes the people we castigate today we later memorialize and honor in a great way.” READ MORE