(Reported By Billy Hallowell) Should Christians celebrate Halloween? That’s a controversial question with the power to spark intense debate among the faithful. After all, some see the holiday as rooted in evil, inappropriate and simply unworthy of being celebrated by believers. Others, though, have no qualms about partaking in the more fun-filled and benign aspects. Pastor Mark Driscoll, formerly of Mars Hill Church, recently tackled this question in a video he uploaded to his website. Driscoll primarily argued that, rather than immediately jumping to a “yes” or “no” response, it’s essential for believers to turn to prayer for guidance on how to

observe holidays like Halloween, as The Christian Post reported. “These are the three options – receive, reject, or redeem,” he argued. “You may be wanting me to tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but I really think this is something to study through, to pray through.”Of his own experience, Driscoll said he and his wife initially rejected Halloween, though he said they eventually moved into the “redeem” stage, encouraging Christians to ask themselves how they can stay faithful to their beliefs while still loving people as they observe certain calendar events. READ MORE