The world’s billionaires are spending a lot of money on preparations for the end of the world. Given recent catastrophic events including three devastating Atlantic hurricanes, serious earthquakes in Mexico, and apocalyptic wildfires in the Western United States, it would be a matter of basic prudence for the common person to consider putting in at least basic provisions to weather a natural disaster. Earth is a living organism. And right now, all eyes are on the Pacific ring of fire, as a growing list of

volcanic eruptions and tectonic tremors are pointing to a potentially major event in the near future. The ring of fire is a massive circle of volcanoes along the perimeter of the Pacific ocean basin. Made up of 452 volcanoes, the ring of fire marks the edges of a tectonic zone where the Pacific ocean floor rises to form the western edge of North and South America and the islands along the eastern edge of Asia and Australia. It spans nearly 25,000 miles in distance and is the world’s primary source of earthquakes and volcanic activity.  READ MORE