Several countries have issued warnings recently to their citizens about traveling to the United States. Countries such as Canada, New Zealand and Germany have warned would-be U.S. tourists about safety, for reasons ranging from mass shootings to hurricanes and wildfires. Ed Daly, editor-in-chief of the travel intelligence firm, iJET’s Global Intelligence Division, told Fox News that while other countries have issued travel warnings about visiting the United States in the past, there’s a new dimension to


concern about violence. “Each time there’s a high-profile event that gets lots of coverage overseas, there’s an advisory,” said Daly, referring to the Las Vegas shooter who killed more than 50 people and injured hundreds who were attending a country music festival several weeks ago. “If you look back in recent years, even a decade, the difference is they’re larger, the number of victims appears to be getting larger,” Daly said. “The frequency and scale to which they happen cause concerns.” CONTINUE