VidAngel, the market-leading entertainment platform empowering users to filter language, nudity, violence and other content from movies and TV series on Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO—using modern streaming platforms such as iOS, Android and ROKU—launched its new platform in June 2017. VidAngel has also added to its recent success with original content from VidAngel Studios, which launched in January 2017. VidAngel has been engaged in a protracted legal battle with Disney, 20th

Century Fox, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros, New Line Cinema, Marvel and Turner Entertainment. These seven Hollywood studios are seeking to eliminate filtering and choice, arguing that the 2005 Family Movie Act—a law that expressly permits filtering in the home—does not apply to modern devices and should remain legal only for outdated technology. In response, VidAngel has mounted a robust legal defense. Today’s filing represents another legal step to protect the future of filtering. Neal Harmon, VidAngel CEO, has issued the following statement: CONTINUE