A Chicago man drove all the way to Las Vegas to honor the lives lost during Sunday night’s horrific shooting at a country music festival. Greg Zanis drove 1,800 miles to place 59 crosses outside the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, one for each of the people killed during the assault. The crosses include the victims’ photos, names and large red hearts, WABC-TV reported. Zanis, a carpenter from Aurora,

Illinois, has also included Stars of David for Jewish victims. “Today I’m making 59 crosses,” he told WGN-TV before he left on Tuesday. “I originally set out to make 50, so this morning, I made 9 more.” And, as it turns out, Zanis has a history of creating these memorials, as he went to Littleton, Colorado, Newtown, Connecticut and Orlando, Florida, to do the same after past shootings unfolded in those cities. READ MORE