Everything changed in 24 hours. Sunday social media was flowing with posts surrounding the NFL players taking a knee for our great National Anthem. Our news feeds dripped with division as many proudly proclaimed their view, whether it was for or against the protest. No matter where you stand, to me it looks like evil has won. Sunday, Satan pushed us to take sides. His lies are convincing. “If you take a knee, you hate America,” he whispers in our ears. “If you stand to honor America, you hate those of a different skin tone.” Neither are true. The lies seem like truth until we step back and realize we aren’t

wrestling against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of darkness (Ephesians 6). In this fight, Satan has chosen two of the most offensive things to disrespect: race and America. And it seems as if America has bought his lies. No doubt there are convincing arguments on both sides, but the only thing the discussion has been successful in is dividing the country, not in fighting against racism or fighting to respect our National Anthem. A country severely divided makes evil cheer. READ MORE