LA Dodger All-Star Clayton Kershaw said ‘Jesus is the only true way to Heaven’ in an interview with the Associated Press. He added that it’s sometimes hard to share his faith while out on the ball field. “You are not supposed to convert anybody, that’s God’s job,” said Kershaw. “But at the same time, you can be His disciple and live for Him and when people ask you why are you living for Him, you can show them why and profess your faith.” The seven-time all-star grew up going to church but it wasn’t until high

school that he understood what it meant to be a Christian. “I started really believing and understanding what it meant to be a follower of Jesus when I was probably in high school sometime,” Kershaw said. “From there, just trying to draw on my faith since then.” Kershaw is one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball and credits God for his talents and success. READ MORE