Iraq is on the precipice of civil war, with tens of thousands of Kurdish Peshmerga forces preparing to face down the Iraqi Army and thousands of Iran-backed Shia militia advancing towards the northern Kurdish-controlled city of Kirkuk. The Iraqi government, which controls the Iran-backed Shia militia known as Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), have given the Kurdish Peshmerga a Sunday 2 a.m. deadline to relinquish oil fields, an airport, and a military base under their control. Najmaldin Karim,

provincial governor of Kirkuk, told Breitbart News in a phone interview on Saturday evening just two hours before the deadline, that he has heard some Iraqi forces are going north, some east, and some coming into the city. “We don’t know if anything happens or not,” he said. “We’re ready for them. It’s going to be hard.” READ MORE