Tina Campbell of the singing duo Mary Mary caused a firestorm when she revealed that she voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election. In an open letter, the singer said she chose Trump over Hillary Clinton because of his Christian beliefs. Campbell posted the lengthy message to her Facebook page earlier this year, and asked that it be read and digested with “an open mind” And while the 42-year-old admitted she doesn’t agree with everything Donald Trump does, she’s choosing to “be for him” as a

citizen. In an interview on the CBN News Facebook show Prayerlink Campbell explained, “I was not in favor of either one of the candidates.” “As a Christian, there were certain stances that Donald Trump had that were more in favor for my Christian beliefs.  And there were more stances that Hillary Clinton had that were against my Christian beliefs. So because of that I chose the president that I chose,” she continued. READ MORE