Google Maps has removed a feature that informed users how many calories they could burn by walking, which took the form of counting how many cupcakes would be burned off based on the distance, following complaints by users that claimed it was “triggering.” According to the Telegraph, “Users have reacted badly to cupcake metric on social media describing it as ‘shaming’ and some saying it could be a trigger for people suffering from eating disorders.” In a post on Twitter, Taylor Lorenz, a reporter for the Hill and Mic, called the feature “triggering.”

“I guess Google maps now automatically shows you how many calories you’d burn if you walk somewhere instead of driving. Oh my god and if you click walking directions it auto tells you how much food you’d burn off what the fuck,” Lorenz proclaimed. “Also it looks like there’s no way to turn this feature off what the hell. Do they realize how extremely triggering something like this is for ppl who have had eating disorders? Not to mention just generally shamey.” READ MORE