Violent volcanic eruptions from supervolcanoes could cause widespread devastation to the earth’s temperature and trigger years without summer, according to a study. The research by the National Centre for Atmospheric Research in Colorado predicts future eruptions will drastically affect global temperatures because of climate change. And the Earth could be plunged into “years without summer” and endless winters as the oceans’ ability to buffer impacts and moderate temperatures is severely reduced.

The team of researchers from Colorado looked at the cataclysmic eruption of Indonesia’s Mount Tambora in April 1815. They found that if a similar eruption occurred in the year 2085, temperatures would plummet and wreak havoc on the earth. Dr John Fasullo, lead author of the study, said: “We discovered that the oceans play a very large role in moderating, while also lengthening, the surface cooling induced by the 1815 eruption. “The volcanic kick is just that – it’s a cooling kick that lasts for a year or so. “But the oceans change the timescale. READ MORE