Ask the average American on the street if they read the Bible, and after they stop looking at you like you just came from another planet, they will probably say “No.” According to the Center for Bible Engagement, 93% of Americans say they own a Bible but less than half of those who identify as Christians have said they have read it cover to cover, and most Americans admit to never having opened one at all. The Center For Bible Engagement conducted an eight-year, one hundred thousand person (ages 8-80) research study on what activities and habits associated with a Christian life actually impacted the way people live.


The potential options included reading the Bible, praying, going to church, listening to Christian music, or watching Christian media programs. But of all the activities that actually changed a person’s life, it was Bible reading that had the most positive effect. In fact, 4 days or more a week was the tipping point. Those who read their Bible one to three times a week had little to no change in their choices nor did it change the direction of their lives differently from those who never read the Bible. And, although most people pray, prayer didn’t have nearly the impact of 4 or more days a week of Bible reading. READ MORE