With October 31 rapidly approaching, many churches are preparing for fall festivals and trunk or treats, tried-and-true Christianized methods for celebrating Halloween. But this puts a burr in the saddle of New Age expert-turned-believer Steven Bancarz. The end of the month is about much more than a holiday with pagan roots, especially for those who claim Jesus as Lord. In a Facebook post, he writes:

The only reason we aren’t all Roman Catholic, the only reason we are allowed to actually read Bibles and keep them in our homes without putting our lives at risk, the reason we are able to worship Jesus in a way that is separated from government, the only reasons we have freedom to voice our disagreements with church authorities, the only reason we have pastors and not priests, the only reason we aren’t being burned at the stake or exiled for sharing the true Biblical Gospel is because of the Protestant Reformation that happened 500 years ago on October 31. READ MORE