Donald Tusk is pushing to set up an EU army by the end of the year to protect the bloc’s borders and fight back against “destabilization around Europe”. The European Council President called for the 27-nation superstate to introduce Permanent Structured Cooperation on Defence (PESCO) to protect the bloc from the effects of the migrant crisis, hostile bordering states and forces that risk tearing the bloc apart. He added the EU should be prepared to spend huge amounts on the project, which will come with

its own centralized headquarters and ambitious plans for EU military missions abroad. Critics have repeatedly warned that the new system is a gateway to the creation of an EU army, although Brussels itself denies this and says it is just facilitating better military cooperation. It goes hand in hand with plans for a centralized European Defence Fund, which is designed to help create an EU defense industry and reduce reliance on foreign powers like the US for military equipment. READ MORE