Columbine survivor Craig Scott spoke out this week in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting to urge Americans to create a more compassionate culture in which mass shootings and other acts of violence no longer unfold.  Scott was inside the Columbine High School library in Littleton, Colorado, on April 20, 1999, when two student gunmen entered the high school and murdered 12 of their fellow students, one teacher and themselves.

He recounted his own experience as a survivor, explaining that two of his
friends were killed right next to him before he and other students quickly fled the library to safety. “I barely escaped. I felt I heard God speak to me and tell me to get out of the library,” he said during a Sunday night episode of “Pure Talk,” a show brought to you by Faithwire and Pure Flix. “I feel like God saved my life … if we had stayed in there minutes longer, more of us would have been killed.” READ MORE