When a gunman slaughtered 59 people and wounded more than 500 others Sunday night, Lynette Martinez was right there in the middle. And she tells CBN News her life will never be the same after surviving the deadliest shooting attack in U.S. history. “It was just gunshots and gunshots and gunshots, and a guy fell behind me, and he was covered in blood. My boots were covered in blood,” she recalled. Martinez thought she was hearing fireworks, but when country music singer Jason Aldean ran

off stage, she ran for her life.   “I am just so grateful I get to see another day because there are people who couldn’t, and I see the videos online of what happened and I can’t hear it because I am numb to it and I shouldn’t be getting used to gunshots,” she said. This 16-year-old grew up overnight. “My heart goes out to everyone,” she said. “I understand I was there and I am just praying for every single person for healing and peace.” READ MORE