Since Christ first promised His disciples He would return, Christians have wondered if their generation is the one that would witness the fulfillment of that promise. And probably every generation since has thought itself to be the last generation, basing their belief on the perceived or actual declining moral standards of society in their day. Yet for all the speculation and hearsay, only one generation can be the final generation, and all the evidence points to ours. For centuries, Christians have used anecdotal

evidence, such as “things have never been so bad” or “look at all the evil in the world,” as a basis for believing their generation was the last generation of this age. Yet very few biblical signs of Christ’s return, if any at all, were present for these generations. Now, fast forward to the present day when almost every sign of Christ’s return is present. Israel is once again a nation, poised to fulfill the final seven years of God’s divine plan (Daniel 9:24). Travel and knowledge have dramatically increased (Daniel 12:4). READ MORE