(By Billy Hallowell) With the end times dominating so many headlines of late both before and after a failed Sept. 23 doomsday prediction, there are a plethora of eschatological questions emerging over what the Bible really says about the end of days. Among them: Is America part of biblical prophecy? This is a question that author Jeff Kinley tackles in his new book, The End of America? as he explores what various theologians have to say about the matter.

Of course, the U.S. isn’t mentioned by name in the biblical Scriptures, leaving the door open to an array of debate about what role, if any, America plays in end times theology. “It’s a very relevant question that we ask, because there are theologians who believe that America is mentioned in Scripture,” Kinley recently told “The Billy Hallowell Podcast.” “Obviously not by the name of America, but I outline in the book … six views of popular theologians who believe that America is identified in Scripture, specifically as it relates to the end times.” READ MORE