(By Keith Nix) Is the alarm clock your enemy or your friend? If I am honest, for most of my life, it seemed more like an enemy than a friend. What about you? Maybe you’re a morning person? I’m not! At least, not a natural born one. I often need to set my alarms [yes, plural] an hour in advance of when I need to get up. And for some crazy reason, sleep seems sweeter after you are supposed to be up. Crazy! Whoever invented the

snooze button is my friend for life! Once I am finally up physically, it still takes me a good bit of time to wake up. My voice doesn’t sound pleasant for at least 30 minutes, and the closest I want to get to a conversation is, “Spark, please.” However, I discover that when I am looking forward to the day, it is so much easier to wake up. The alarm clock, my enemy from the day before, is my friend today because of what awaits me. Motivation is of vital importance to my perspective. READ MORE