The Rev. Billy Graham recently responded to a question about whether it would be appropriate to consult a psychic or medium to try and connect with a dead loved one, saying that doing so would be “wrong in God’s eyes.”  “I lost my wife to drugs last year, and it’s like I have a hole in my heart that will never heal,” a man wrote to Graham. “Recently a friend told me about someone who says she can put me in touch with my wife’s spirit. My sister says to stay away, but what do I have to lose?” Graham

responded by telling him to listen to his sister and that “nothing good” would come from trying to connect with his dead wife. The evangelist continued: “The Bible’s command is clear: ‘Touch no unclean thing!’ (Isaiah 52:11).” He then proceeded to offer up more specific arguments, including the claim that many who say they can connect with spirits “are frauds.” Beyond that, though, Graham said that there are some who do have such an ability. READ MORE