(By Ed Stetzer) Again, we must deal with fake news. I’ve written on this numerous times before here and here and, undoubtedly, this won’t be the last time. In this case, it’s making Christians look silly. Again. But there it is on the front page of Fox News, “Christian dooms-dayers claim the world will end next week.”  It’s under the heading “Science.” When you click on it, the article headline proclaims, “Biblical prophecy claims the world will end on Sept. 23, Christian numerologists claim.”

No, the world won’t end on Sept. 23 and, Fox News, believe it or not, there is no such thing as a “Christian numerologist.”(And who are the other Christian numerologists in the headline, beyond the one quoted?) Every time end-of-the-world predictions resurface in the media, it is important that we ask ourselves, “Is this helpful? Is peddling these falsehoods a good way to contribute to meaningful, helpful discussions about the end times?” READ MORE