The Popocatépetl volcano erupted 9 times during 6 hours 16 minutes continuously, sending incandescent fragments 1,000 meters around its crater and its flanks. Some explosions during this long period of volcanic activity sent a plume of ash and gas rising 1,000 to 1,500 meters above the crater.  The monitoring system also registered 61 low-intensity exhalations, three volcano-tectonic events, and 53

minutes of episodes of exhalation trains. From these 9 explosions, four occurred yesterday at 14:13, 16:54, 21:24 and 23:09 h, and the others today at 02:53, 03:05, 06:41, 09:39 and 09:45 h. Ashfalls have been reported in the area. The volcano-tectonic seismic events were recorded, today at 02:02 (M2.1), 02:23 (M2.2) and 03:14 (M1.5). READ MORE