A pastor and former member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives who is currently running for the governor of Oklahoma declared in a video posted online this week that if elected, he would abolish abortion in the state. “Tragically, some 250,000 preborn Oklahomans have been deprived of their right to life since the U.S. Supreme legitimized the slaughter in 1973,” lamented Dan Fisher, pastor of Liberty Church in Yukon. “And that’s not even counting those killed by various abortifacient drugs and devices.”

He said that while pro-life bills have been passed in the state with regularity, they only seek to regulate killing unborn children, and do not attempt to end abortion altogether. “For example, pro-lifers have passed laws requiring that a mother must wait 72 hours before she has her baby killed,” Fisher outlined. “Pro-life legislators have passed laws requiring the abortionist to perform an ultrasound, which the mother may look at—or not.” READ MORE