(By Perry Stone) I want you to look at something related to the “days of Lot and Noah” that many people may not be considering. Jesus told us that the events before his coming would be similar to the days of Noah and Lot. Noah’s day was a flood of water and Lot’s day was fire. We are seeing huge amounts of water and also countless wild fires burning, not only in America but throughout the world. However, I want to point out the idea of “relocation.” Due to the water and fire, both Noah and Lot were uprooted from their homes and were required to resettle in a different location and rebuild following the flood (Noah), and the fiery destruction of Sodom (Lot). The Ark settled on Mount Ararat (in Turkey) and Lot went to the mountains of what is today Jordan and his sons through his daughters settled this region, after the four cities were destroyed (Gen. 19).

It is so sad to see, but many people will be disconnected from their towns or cities for a time and will choose to either rebuild or relocate. When relocating a person should not just randomly pick up and go, but should first pray. It is wise to either have family or friends in the area, search out a place to live and job openings BEFORE making a move. Any move should not be out of FEAR but because it is a better place to raise children, safer than a major city, or least likely to have numerous natural disasters (although all states can be either earthquake prone, experience tornadoes or hurricanes etc.). Four million people have left the west coast and moved to the midwest or east coast, and some are now preparing to move from the Florida coast. Oddly, the main state that many are coming to is Tennessee, for a number of reasons.

I know at OCI we have over 20 families that have moved to town recently. I am thankful for my OCI family and love them very much, and also to Robby and Tammy James (you are both amazing) and the OCI staff, along with Gary and Vikki who visit those that have hospital emergencies and our many great volunteers who assist the ministry continually. Also, William Eilf who is the most amazing real estate man I know and can find a house like Sherlock Holmes can solve a mystery!  If you relocate to any region of the nation, just remember, Lot and Noah both had to move their families to a new area, and the footsteps of a good person are ordered of the Lord!