Beachgoers were left shocked after the ocean ‘disappeared’ as Hurricane Irma cut a devastating path through the Caribbean. The extreme force of the killer storm was on full display as it sucked water away from shores in the Bahamas in a rare weather phenomenon. Footage posted on social media shows people walking along the seabed which is normally under several feet of water. There was dry land as far

as the eye could see as Irma passed just south of Long Island. A woman who shared the footage on Twitter wrote: “I am in disbelief right now… This is Long Island, Bahamas and the ocean water is missing!!! That’s as far as they see.” The video was also shared by the “Alternative NOAA” Twitter account, which wrote: “Dear #KeyWest. The ocean is literally gone in The Bahamas, and it’s heading your way. Still want to be there?” READ MORE