As recovery efforts forge on after Hurricane Harvey, one woman has shared the amazing verse that she found in an open Bible in the middle of her in-laws’ storm-ravaged Houston home. Facebook user Ronda Rice Carman-Whitaker wrote a recent Facebook post explaining that her in-laws, who are in their eighties, fled to Birmingham when their neighborhood was hit hard by the storm. “[My husband] and I went to clean out their house today,” Carman-Whitaker wrote. “It was horrific. It looks like a war zone.”

But in the midst of the chaos, she said that she was struck by a Bible that was sitting on the floor in standing water. When she shared a photo of it with her brother-in-law, he pointed out one of the Bible verses that it was open to: Song of Solomon 8:7. The verse reads, “Surging waters cannot quench love; floodwaters cannot overflow it. If someone were to offer all his possessions to buy love, the offer would be utterly despised.” It’s a stunning verse, considering all that unfolded with Hurricane Harvey. READ MORE