A plethora of archeological finds have already confirmed biblical accounts and, as a result, have excited the faithful, but the situation surrounding human bones found at a 1,000-year-old church in Rome is quite different. The bones, which were discovered on accident, weren’t part of any archeological quest. According to The Telegraph, the bones, which could belong to Peter, one of Jesus’ apostles, were found inside of clay pots “by chance” at the Church of Santa Maria in Cappella when a maintenance worker

lifted up a marble slab near the church altar. The building has been closed for more than three decades due to structural issues; the worker was reportedly performing routine maintenance when he stumbled upon the pots, the outlet reported. After discovering the bones, he reportedly notified church deacon Massimiliano Floridi of the findings, which had long been believed to exist, but hadn’t been found — until now. The clay pots reportedly had inscriptions noting that they contained Peter’s bones as well as the bones from three early popes and four Christian martyrs. READ MORE