Christian singer Natalie Grant recently revealed that she’s having surgery next month and asked her fans to pray for both her and her family. “We’re the family of God and we have the opportunity to stand in the gap for one another,” Grant said in a recent Facebook video. “Three years ago I had an ultrasound on my thyroid and at that time the doctors found several tumors, nodules on my thyroid.” At first, doctors said

that they would keep a close eye on the situation, but after a routine ultrasound a few weeks ago, she said that two of the tumors “have decided to not stay unconcerning.” So, Grant is heading in for a procedure to remove the right side of her thyroid. “Any time you hear the word ‘cancer,’ it is terrifying,” she said, adding that she is scared, but knows that God has her back, as she awaits surgery and the subsequent results. READ MORE