(By Kyle Winkler) Perhaps you’ve heard the popular parable about the man stuck on his rooftop during a flood. After he prayed to God for help, a man in a rowboat came to offer to take him to safety. But the stranded man declined the offer by shouting back, “No thanks, I believe God will save me!” After this a motorboat came by, but still the man declined to jump in for the same reason. Finally, a helicopter flew in, but again, the stranded man refused to get on board, still holding to his belief that God would save him. As the story goes, the waters continued to rise, and the stranded man drowned. When he got to

heaven, he complained about the situation to God. “I had faith in You, but You didn’t save me. Why did You let me down?” the man begged to know. To this God replied, “I sent you a rowboat, a motorboat, and a helicopter; what more did you expect?” This story provides great insight into the ways God provides for us. Similar to the stranded man, we often expect God to meet our needs in a certain way. If the provision doesn’t come in this way, we are then tempted to feel that God didn’t uphold His promise. But we must understand that God has more than one way to provide.  READ MORE