A “progressive Christian” festival in the UK has added a Muslim platform to its upcoming event in an effort to eradicate negative stereotypes against those of the Islamic faith. The event will include a group that will teach attendees universal Sufi chants, as well as others who seek to combat “Islamophobia” in the world. “It is because we are Christian that we do this,” Paul Northup, the creative director of the Greenbelt Festival, asserted in a recent blog post. “Not because we want to

dilute or deny our faith. It’s because we want to be true to our faith and to continue to live and express it dynamically, creatively and generously. In a world which seems ever-more divided, then we want to build bridges, not barriers.” He said that since the September 11 attacks, the leaders of the festival have desired to introduce attendees to those of the Muslim faith so that they can see what the two groups have in common and perhaps unite for shared causes. READ MORE