The United States is ready to use the “full range” of its capabilities if provoked by North Korea, the country’s top military officer said, noting that Washington is still hoping for a “peaceful resolution” to the crisis. Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made clear on Monday that Washington is ready “to use the full range of military capabilities to defend our allies and the US homeland,” according to US military spokesman Capt. Darryn James,

as cited by AP. Dunford previously stressed to reporters, however, that the US is “seeking a peaceful resolution to the crisis,” local media reported. The comments were made during Dunford’s visit to South Korea, where he is meeting with the country’s military and political officials, as well as local media. Dunford, who is also visiting Japan and China during his trip, earlier told reporters traveling with him that he is aiming to “sense what the temperature is in the region.”  READ MORE