(By Becky Dvorak) I recently prayed with a woman who suffered from kidney disease. Her kidneys were very sick and did not function properly. I released the prayer of faith into her kidneys and commanded them to be healed and to function properly in the name of Jesus. With tear-filled eyes, she shared with me the next day that her kidneys were functioning, and she was having to use the restroom all day. Glory to God. This is a wonderful testimony of what happens when two or more will agree together in the name of the Lord and release the healing power of the Holy Spirit with a prayer of faith.

Why am I sharing this and other testimonies with you? To build up your faith in the healing power of the Lord so you can receive healing into your own body and then release it into others around you. It is time to move forward in the healing power of the Holy Spirit and release those that are suffering from the wiles of the devil and usher them into the kingdom of God. Time is very short, and we do not have time to waste with words of unbelief and doubt. And while I am at it, let me tell you the truth: All your whining, crying and begging does not move God.  READ MORE