Technology in place for Bible’s ‘mark of the beast’ A company in Wisconsin, Three Square Market, has introduced a “voluntary microchipping” program for employees, with just under half its workers participating. The company claims it is the first use of this technology in the United States and proponents assert it will allow employees to log on to computers, access restricted areas and purchase food simply through the use of the chip. The company, which specializes in “micro

market technology,” hopes the chip could eventually be used in “self-checkout/self-service applications” in businesses like convenience stores and fitness centers. The RFID microchips are not quite Orwellian. They have limited range of only a few feet and do not have GPS, so employees cannot be tracked. Officials also claim data in the microchip is encrypted.Still, it’s simply the latest incident in how private companies are developing technology which could be used by governments or by powerful interests to compile data on individuals, even those who do not voluntarily accept a microchip.  READ MORE