A priest with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is speaking out about angels, demons and the dangers he believes are inherent in playing with things like the Ouija board. The faith leader, identified only as “Father Robert” due do sensitivities surrounding his exorcism work, recently talked to Faithwire about the Aug. 11, release of Hollywood horror flick, “Annabelle: Creation,” offering up some fascinating warnings and theological proclamations. More specifically, Father Robert spent some time differentiating between an “infestation” and a “possession,” explaining the finer points of

both:“An infestation of demons in a location means that something invited them in. An infestation can be one or many demons depending on the type of spell, or prayer that drew them in. Possession takes place over a period of time and there are usually many demons involved at that point. Possession means that the person no longer has control over his or her physical operation. Often times, the person will lose a certain amount if not all of their consciousness when the demon or demons take over. To drive a demon from a residence is much easier than to drive a demon from a human being. Human beings are living and a threat to the demons. CONTINUE