Texas is bracing itself for the storm of the decade as Hurricane Harvey barrels towards the state, which is expecting catastrophic flooding, power outages, winds up to 130mph and 30 inches of rain. Final preparations were being made on Friday morning, as officials emphasized that the situation was ‘very serious’ and said that the window for evacuation from flood-threatened coastal areas was closing quickly. The National Weather Service on Friday morning urged that

preparations should be ‘rushed to completion’ adding that ‘conditions are expected to deteriorate throughout the day’.  The US National Hurricane Center said Harvey has ‘rapidly intensified’ and experts say weather conditions have created the perfect recipe for the monster Category 3 hurricane to form and crash into Texas later on Friday. The national guard has been mobilized amid fears over life-threatening flash flooding, which poses ‘a grave risk’ to Texans as the hurricane is expected to be the strongest to hit the United States mainland in 12 years since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. READ MORE