Christians in South Korea who are intent on bringing to gospel to residents in neighboring and reclusive North Korea have been working for more than two decades on an innovative plan to do just that.  Known as Operation Dandelion, the effort, which has been unfolding since 1991, involves specially crafted balloons that are filled with all 16 chapters of the Book of Mark. These balloons are then driven to the border, where Christians fill them with helium and send them in the air in

hopes that they reach their North Korean neighbors. The wind and weather, of course, are key to ensuring that the scripture-filled balloons make it over the border. CBN News described Operation Dandelion as an “unusual aerial offensive” aimed at encouraging North Koreans who might secretly be Christians. Those behind the effort said that they utter prayers before sending the balloons in the air and that they hope to encourage anyone trapped inside North Korea that they are not forgotten. READ MORE