North Korea’s latest propaganda posters show the country bombing the United States as their ‘answer’ to the latest UN sanctions against the country. The illustrations see Pyongyang warheads destroying the Capitol Building in Washington DC, and dozens of bombs falling over a burning map of the U.S. Proclaiming that the ‘entire region of the state [U.S.] is now within range of our missiles!’, the posters is the latest escalation in threats of nuclear war by North Korea. The three

drawings were released by Pyongyang mouthpiece Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Thursday. One shows warheads underneath a North Korean flag, all pointed at the Capitol, and captioned: ‘Our answer!’. Another has a cartoon tank with a bomb mounted on top, which reads: ‘No one can stop our way!’ The third claims that the U.S. is now within range of the country’s nuclear missiles, with dozens of bombs being launched at the United States on fire on a map. READ MORE